This fizzy dianthus was just gorgeous in the sunlight. The more sun it gets, the deeper pink color it develop! According to the tag, this dianthus is a perennial flower, and I hope it will come back next year!

We have been experiencing a heat wave with high scorching temperature, but we are also very lucky in that we had short shower storm every other day or so. The flowers love it, heat and rain :-)

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I can't believe how long lasting these wallflowers are! They are still blooming currently in my garden and I haven't found where the seeds are from the old flowers yet. I would love to grow these wallflowers all over as they have such beautiful scent to them.

These flower petals are falling off, but the few are left on there looked just amazing in the sunlight.

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We are having a wet summer with lot of rain. I know somewhere out there on earth other people are waiting for rain, and I wish I could send it over to you. It has been raining for three evenings here and the sky in the morning was just spectacular to see.

Going through my archives and saw this only red tulip of the year, I have to post them! This was the only tulip that the squirrel didn't tear apart and left alone. Never thought that squirrels would eat flowers but I caught them red-handed.

In this area there used to be pink, purple and yellow tulips growing. Thanks to my pesky critters, I only have one left and won't grow them anymore! Have a fun week..

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Looking at the colors in the sky above, I don't know how to title it! There is a wide range of emotions that went through me. Pretty, yes! Calmness, maybe! I am sitting on edge, waiting for my bathroom to get fixed.

A step outside in the morning soothes my soul as it looks for some peace! The day is still too early to know what it might bring. Rain and thunder are threatening for a down pour return. But the sky, the sky at the moment offers a feast!

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Sitting along the fence, this hostas plant looked amazing when the sun shines through its back. I would have not noticed it if I wasn't looking for the light.

Growing along with other plants is this weed and those fuzzy thing has been collected on the leaves. In the sunlight it looked quite interesting but it can't take resident in my yard. This weed grows very fast and big..

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