Pastry For Dinner

I bought this package of shells thinking that I would make the delicious pastry as my mom used to in the shape you see in the above photo. However, something went wrong when I was ready to make the pastry.

With my tendonitis, I couldn't get the tops separated from the main shells. After struggling with them for a while, I ask my 14 year old son to help. We both made them even flatter. So I took my chance, rolled them out and filled each shell with my prepared mixture:
  • ground pork
  • shredded carrot
  • chopped onion
  • cellophane noodle
  • green onion
  • salt and pepper
Then I just baked them according to the package with my fingers crossed. As they turned out: delicious and flaky! Though they don't look like what my mom made, but the taste was there. Registered & Protected