It was a beautiful baby blue and pink cloud in the sky that is familiar to me. I will never have enough of watching and admiring when they came out to play. Each moment, each day, each month is different, and I haven't capture the same display in the sky yet.

I am way behind with blogging! Some time the motivation is just not there, and some time life gets in the way. Winter is knocking on my door steps and soon I will only have gray sky to show. Happy weekend everyone!

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Sometimes I just have too, take the camera out with me for a drive when the sun just went down a little. You can't see the hustle and bustle of traffic around. It looked peaceful from where I stood. Everything freeze for that one frame of picture!

Pointing my camera to another direction and my eyes can see more colors. After three days of rain and strong wind, the sky rewarded those that were crazy enough to brave it for a glimpse of art.

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Welcome Autumn
These photos are all the colors in my world right now! As the matter of fact, they are found in my back yard. It is amazing to see each tree displays a different color!

Good Bye Coneflower
My coneflowers were in  a browning stage, and reached their circle of life. These photos were taken earlier this week, and now they were pretty much black after many cold days. With the morning sun shining, the heads of these flowers were so striking.

Well, the title maybe a bit blah blah, but the colors in the sky was stunning this week, that I had to pull over into a parking lot after dropping my son at school to take the pictures.

Long Stem Rose In Blue Sky
This beautiful and amazing long stem rose was spotted at my brother's backyard! It reached high into the blue sky above my head, and despite the cold weather, it still bloomed strongly!

These photos were taken on Tuesday night of this week at my son's last soccer game. The sky was glorious with so many amazing displays of colors and cloud formations.

Pretty Aster

By now I bet you have seen aster flowers on many blogs already. I can never have enough of them even years after years. We have some wild white asters scattered all over the yard, but this year, I saw this lavender one in my neighbor's yard.

These pretty mums are growing in my front garden at the moment. I love these vibrant colors! I am thinking about re-planting them in containers since the soil in this area isn't that good for them.

September is quickly come to an end, and the weather is cooler on most days. When the sun wakes up, the colors arise also in beautiful display.

6:00 AM now is still too dark to go out for pictures, so my timing has to be perfect.  These photos happened on one of my lucky days. Happy weekend!

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It is a good morning. A pinkish orange morning, and again, I don't like how my photos turned out on this blogging platform. It sucks! So I will have to look for a different way to upload my photos that will retain a bit of its original.

I take pride in standing out there waiting for the sunrise, and getting numbed fingers. Then delete, delete, delete, and pick only the good ones to post only to have them looking like poo!

Don't mind me, have a great weekend!

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Young Columbine Flowers
I consider those are rich who are doing something they feel worthwhile and which they enjoy doing.
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Collage of Pretty Young Columbine Flowers
If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all.
~Martin Luther King, Jr Registered & Protected

I hurried up and went outside when I saw this through my window at 6:00 AM, but it was still very dark outside to take pictures. Using flash will just wash the colors out. So I waited until there is a bit of light and took these on the first day of September.

Setting At High Enhance
I complained once about the look of my photos after uploading, and TexWisGirl told me how I have to reset my setting in my Google + profile. The above picture is setting at "High Enhance". Yuck, it doesn't look natural or like my original at all.

When I saw the sky like this in the above photo, I believed we would have a great dry day, and it did. It has been quite a while for me to see such an amazing display in the sky. 

I was fooled by late afternoon when suddenly the wind kicked up, and the temperature was at 90 degrees. Then we got hit with yet another thunderstorm and pouring rain. I am glad to have a few moment of pretty sky anyway. Enjoy your weekend!

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Last weekend we went with my nephew to Columbus Ohio to visit his mom (my sister), and this sky was presented to me in the early evening. I love the colors in the sky and the calmness of water.

We had heavy rain and storm in Michigan for the most part last week. Seeing colors were definitely good for the soul.

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We just went through two days of thunderstorm, with heavy rain and strong wind. The sky blessed me with this view yesterday evening finally. The temperature is on a chilly side, but at least we won't be flooded.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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Pretty Heart of Poppy
First of all, before you go on saying how I have such pretty flower in my yard, let me assure you; it is not! I live in Michigan, and we just had another heavy rain yesterday; so my garden was all out of whack.

It is not the best picture but this opportunity presented to me through my bedroom window, and I only have the cell phone with me. So I just took it through the glass and screen window. Having so much rain, I don't get to see the sunset except for once in a while.

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These photos were taken at different times and since our weather were not permitting new ones, I have to resort to using them. It is chilly here in July and I am still wearing a sweater to go outside.

For some reasons, I can see that my photos are blurry once uploaded onto Blogger. They are not like these at all in my archives. Oh well, happy weekend to everyone!

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Twirly Petals
These flowers are in the mums' family, are they not? They think they are! So what is special about them? Their twirly swirly petals that looked like walking spider legs were fun to see and pretty at the same time.

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