It seemed as if the entire country was at a stand still this past week. Our school was closed from Friday to Wednesday. I caught this beautiful sky display before the storm hit.

It's a good week, a really long week with single digit in temperature, but still a good week indeed when the colors of the sky came out to lift my spirit. You can't tell from looking at these pictures but it was zero degree.

Cold weather is perfect for soup, eating soup, making soup, simple soup and complicated soup. I opt for simple Wonton Soup since we ran out most of everything in the refrigerator during the week of super storm Hercules.

There were one special pretty moment for us during the week, and that was this sky!  The colors were gorgeous in the early morning, and it didn't last long. It went away within minutes and yielded to the normal winter gray.

Witness it at the right time and right place was just pure luck. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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These pictures were taken over the Holidays in Ohio, and the blue sky came out between bursts of snow. Yes, it was a treat to see a bit of blue sky when all around was gray.

We were at the dentist's office when I saw this beautiful sunset from the window. We rarely have sun light during the winter months, but when it comes out, it's a pretty display!

Now that the holidays were over, things are some what back to a normal rhythm. Wishing everyone who lives in the Hercules winter storm area a safe time.

Joining Sky Watch! Registered & Protected
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