After two full days of rain, the sun peeked out for a few hours in the evening and it sure put on some beautiful colors. Rain is so good for the plants and the earth, but it also hinders the joy of being outside for me.

I hope we will get a couple of sunny days this week. We need it. The grass is growing so tall, and the weed is taking over the garden. Happy weekend to all!

Joining Sky Watch! Registered & Protected

Our sky is very moody lately but once in a while, we get a treat of blue and the world rejoices again. This cardinal was singing his heart out, calling for his mate, and possibly celebrates a bit of sunshine.

Beautiful blooming trees are all around us now. Rain comes and stays for days on end but can't stop the progress of nature. The trees thrive when the sun giving out ray of warmness.

It has been a wet and gloomy spring in our part of the world so far. For now, it is still better than snow and ice as the temperature is somewhat tolerable. Happy weekend to all...

Joining Sky Watch! Registered & Protected

Our game was at 4:00 PM, and the sun was out, and the sky was blue with beautiful white cloud, was miserably cold. We all wore winter coats and took cover under a blanket.

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