Life constantly changes! When the children was younger, I think a decade ago, when school was out, we can relax and enjoy time at home without rushing or having places to run to. Now, it is not so. My son has soccer practice three times a week.

I was so looking for less running around, but it doesn't seem so. The morning, early morning, though belongs to me. The world is still sleeping or haven't yet stirred!

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Another Living Thing Inside
I saw this at Belle Isle Conservatory some time ago, and it took my breath away for a moment of astonishing. It was amazing to see something that grows inside of something else. There were quite a few of these plants around, and all were containing another living thing inside each of them.

Lavender Daisy
This beautiful lavender heart and white petals daisy were found at a grocery store, and I haven't seen it before. It came in a bouquet with different flowers, but since the heart has that tint of purple, of course, I was drawn to it immediately.

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