These photos were taken at different times and since our weather were not permitting new ones, I have to resort to using them. It is chilly here in July and I am still wearing a sweater to go outside.

For some reasons, I can see that my photos are blurry once uploaded onto Blogger. They are not like these at all in my archives. Oh well, happy weekend to everyone!

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Twirly Petals
These flowers are in the mums' family, are they not? They think they are! So what is special about them? Their twirly swirly petals that looked like walking spider legs were fun to see and pretty at the same time.

It was mostly cloudy in our world this week, with rain every other day. We are lucky to have sunshine and clear sky in early evening.

The moon was clear on blue sky too. This wet weather brings us lots of fireflies and I enjoy watching them dashing by.

Joining Sky Watch! Registered & Protected
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