Welcome Autumn
These photos are all the colors in my world right now! As the matter of fact, they are found in my back yard. It is amazing to see each tree displays a different color!

Good Bye Coneflower
My coneflowers were in  a browning stage, and reached their circle of life. These photos were taken earlier this week, and now they were pretty much black after many cold days. With the morning sun shining, the heads of these flowers were so striking.

Well, the title maybe a bit blah blah, but the colors in the sky was stunning this week, that I had to pull over into a parking lot after dropping my son at school to take the pictures.

Long Stem Rose In Blue Sky
This beautiful and amazing long stem rose was spotted at my brother's backyard! It reached high into the blue sky above my head, and despite the cold weather, it still bloomed strongly!

These photos were taken on Tuesday night of this week at my son's last soccer game. The sky was glorious with so many amazing displays of colors and cloud formations.

Pretty Aster

By now I bet you have seen aster flowers on many blogs already. I can never have enough of them even years after years. We have some wild white asters scattered all over the yard, but this year, I saw this lavender one in my neighbor's yard.

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