Here are two sky shots, at the same place, with totally different colors in my world. We are in December, so we mostly have grey sky. Once in a while the sun pops out but the display of cloud is not quite as dramatic

As of late, many websites that I was on failed and disappeared. Like many other people who look for online work as a way of making little extra money, I also have to find other means to substitute for the loss of income.

I believe in trying different things and exhaust all options before I give up.

I came across this seller, and started to learn the rope so to speak. There are three websites that you can list your personal things to sell.


Obviously, you will need an account and sign up for one is free. Like all new things in life, you will need some time to get used to unless you already explored the website thoroughly.

Poshmark also provides plenty of help through their guide, which you can find it here:

Take few pictures of the items you want to sell, post them in your Poshmark account with your own set price and you are ready to sell. Once your item is sold, you will need to mail it to your buyer, and Poshmark will take a small fee of the sales.

I have no words in describing the beautiful sky display every now and then. Time flies and now we are in the middle of November! The weather is more dreary and sunlight is rare for days.

Many years ago I worked as a nail technician. My job was to take care of manicure and pedicure clients. Though I was good as a manicurist, I dreaded doing pedicure! Some had very nice; well-care for feet, while others had me putting on two pairs of surgical gloves before I was allowed to touch them!

Below are some common signs that tell you have foot problem.

Bunions and Hammertoes

Those bony bumps at the base of the big toe are call bunions, and curls in the middle joints of the toes are hammertoes. These are not the causes of the shoes you wear, but more with the way you walk, which can be an inherited trait.

Creative Commons

Blisters are caused by friction, and are more common in the warmer months, when we tend to wear shoes without socks. Open blister can get infected and you will need to see your foot doctor. Hold off on having pedicure with open wound!

I had no idea what happened or where the time went, but I haven't posted anything for a while. Mind you, I have at least four posts sitting in draft, but my mind just missing from my body!

We had hot weather, then we had down pour rain weather for days; and the sky never forgot to come out to show its beauty.

We were in a heat wave for many days, and it is the nature of summer time! In between, there were storms gathering, drowning my cherish potted plants on the deck.

I just love muted colors like this! It is calming and soothing after a long exhausted day. I was not alone in enjoying the sky but there were other neighboring elderly too.

I love watching the sky for display likes this. It changes every second, and really is amazing to take a little time to appreciate what we were giving. If we don't, we won't know the joy of having our eyes to see and the senses that we are feelings

I have every intention to post these beautiful sky photos, but somehow time just went right by.

Part of living in a new place is to constantly trying to figure out where is the best spot for sky watch.

The rain has lifted and return a beautiful sky in the evening. I am complaining about the rain a lot here in our world, while in other places need rain. We even had hail in mid May, and my winter skin needed to be changed :) I need some sun kisses and some warm temperature!

Couple of weeks ago, the moon was bright, big, and close to the earth. I am now staying up way pass my bedtime to pick up my son from work.

I had to stop at a church's parking lot to take the picture of this round pink moon; and the next day the sun came up so pretty in gold. Then we have rain, rain, and rain. Registered & Protected

Exotic Angel Plant
 After a long winter and gloomy weather, I was achy to see something green, something growing.  I am sure I am not the only one who first instinct is to pick up a pretty plant or flower when spring is in the air. My impulse was satisfied when I spotted this beautiful colorful plant at Walmart.

These are the end of March sky photos that I manage to snap! It is a rare thing to see the color of the sky, as April shower is here! We have rain, three days of rain of gloomy weather; and then we have windy cold temperature.

When I still have my HP laptop, my favorite photo editor software was PhotoScape, and it was FREE.  I have tried Pixlr and other online photo editors, but I always returned to PhotoScape for its ease of use.

Then two years old HP laptop got overheated and went in a stage of suffocating. It crawled slower than a turtle; and I went into hibernation.

Long story short, I am now using MacBook Air laptop, and the first thing I look for was PhotoScape for Mac. More than happy, I download it here:
PhotoScape X

Have you ever arrived on a blog, or site and just sit there waiting for it to load?  Have you listened to that little voice in your head going, "come on, come on"?  I confess and plead guilty of this!  It is one of the reasons why I multi-task simply because I don't have time and I want to get things done.

There are a few ways you can speed up the loading time of your blog:
  • Cut down the size of your photos, instead of large size, use small
  • Limit the numbers of images in your post, two to three pictures are adequate enough
  • Go to your "setting", under "format", and chose to display less posts on your homepage
  • Remove some gadgets on your sidebar that serve no purpose
  • Cut down the size of your header's image
  • Eliminate auto play music!  We all have different taste in music, and it's annoying to arrive on the blog that has music blasting.  It also distracts visitors from reading your post!
Now come the fun to find out how fast your blog is loading.

The weather in Santa Barbara has been incredibly beautiful and the temperature is just something in my dream for February. It went up to 80 degree in the afternoon, though still a bit on the chilly side for early morning and late evening.

This was the view in the front of my new home! So far, I believe I will have more sky photos than anything else in this new area. It was one of the clear mornings that I was able to snap a picture after dropping my son off at school.

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