How To Find Out The Loading Time of Your Blog

Have you ever arrived on a blog, or site and just sit there waiting for it to load?  Have you listened to that little voice in your head going, "come on, come on"?  I confess and plead guilty of this!  It is one of the reasons why I multi-task simply because I don't have time and I want to get things done.

There are a few ways you can speed up the loading time of your blog:
  • Cut down the size of your photos, instead of large size, use small
  • Limit the numbers of images in your post, two to three pictures are adequate enough
  • Go to your "setting", under "format", and chose to display less posts on your homepage
  • Remove some gadgets on your sidebar that serve no purpose
  • Cut down the size of your header's image
  • Eliminate auto play music!  We all have different taste in music, and it's annoying to arrive on the blog that has music blasting.  It also distracts visitors from reading your post!
Now come the fun to find out how fast your blog is loading.

GTmetrix--Just type in your URL and see how long it took to load up your page.  Mine took almost 91.2 seconds, and I'm aiming for so much less.  This means I need to do a little more blog cleaning.    

Pingdom Tools--This is another option to test the loading time of your blog! This software gives me a close result of loading time as StopWatch, but I like this better. Pingdom Tools offers an overall look of your blog, and shows you the details of your posts also.  You can see which post, or gadget, or page that took the longest to load.
    Everybody is rushing, and always running out of time nowadays! We are so busy with "real life", and our "online life" gets more hectic as we try to post, comment on other blogs, read emails, return emails or return comments.

    Remember though, internet also has the "traffic-jammed" periods.  Don't get frustrated if it took a little longer to load your blog at times, and take into consideration the speed of your internet connection as well. Registered & Protected