PhotoScape For Mac Users

When I still have my HP laptop, my favorite photo editor software was PhotoScape, and it was FREE.  I have tried Pixlr and other online photo editors, but I always returned to PhotoScape for its ease of use.

Then two years old HP laptop got overheated and went in a stage of suffocating. It crawled slower than a turtle; and I went into hibernation.

Long story short, I am now using MacBook Air laptop, and the first thing I look for was PhotoScape for Mac. More than happy, I download it here:
PhotoScape X

It took me a while to navigate myself around this new platform, but I found PhotoScape for Mac is amazing. It seems to offer more choices than on Window or at least that was what I remembered.

The problem I had, was I didn't know how to upload my photos onto the editor. Hence, I spent weeks looking for a way, and I will show you now to avoid frustration.

Click on that three dots (...) at the very bottom right, a window will pop up and click open, you will see on the left side your photo library, or you can also upload from your thumb drive if you click on your Mackintosh HD by selecting Remote Disk.

Once you know how to upload the photos on to PhotoScape, other options function very much the same as on Window. You can do what you want with this photo editor in a breeze.

If you need addition help, you can find them on YouTube from the PhotoScape team: Registered & Protected