Couple of weeks ago, the moon was bright, big, and close to the earth. I am now staying up way pass my bedtime to pick up my son from work.

I had to stop at a church's parking lot to take the picture of this round pink moon; and the next day the sun came up so pretty in gold. Then we have rain, rain, and rain. Registered & Protected

Exotic Angel Plant
 After a long winter and gloomy weather, I was achy to see something green, something growing.  I am sure I am not the only one who first instinct is to pick up a pretty plant or flower when spring is in the air. My impulse was satisfied when I spotted this beautiful colorful plant at Walmart.

These are the end of March sky photos that I manage to snap! It is a rare thing to see the color of the sky, as April shower is here! We have rain, three days of rain of gloomy weather; and then we have windy cold temperature.

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