As of late, many websites that I was on failed and disappeared. Like many other people who look for online work as a way of making little extra money, I also have to find other means to substitute for the loss of income.

I believe in trying different things and exhaust all options before I give up.

I came across this seller, and started to learn the rope so to speak. There are three websites that you can list your personal things to sell.


Obviously, you will need an account and sign up for one is free. Like all new things in life, you will need some time to get used to unless you already explored the website thoroughly.

Poshmark also provides plenty of help through their guide, which you can find it here:

Take few pictures of the items you want to sell, post them in your Poshmark account with your own set price and you are ready to sell. Once your item is sold, you will need to mail it to your buyer, and Poshmark will take a small fee of the sales.

I have no words in describing the beautiful sky display every now and then. Time flies and now we are in the middle of November! The weather is more dreary and sunlight is rare for days.

Many years ago I worked as a nail technician. My job was to take care of manicure and pedicure clients. Though I was good as a manicurist, I dreaded doing pedicure! Some had very nice; well-care for feet, while others had me putting on two pairs of surgical gloves before I was allowed to touch them!

Below are some common signs that tell you have foot problem.

Bunions and Hammertoes

Those bony bumps at the base of the big toe are call bunions, and curls in the middle joints of the toes are hammertoes. These are not the causes of the shoes you wear, but more with the way you walk, which can be an inherited trait.

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Blisters are caused by friction, and are more common in the warmer months, when we tend to wear shoes without socks. Open blister can get infected and you will need to see your foot doctor. Hold off on having pedicure with open wound!

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