At this time of year, I miss the intense colors in the sky. We went through two weeks with just gray sky, cloudy, and wet weather. Though we don't have that much snow this year, the temperature is still freezing cold.

Everyone wants a low utility bill at the end of the month, yet very few are willing to turn down their thermostats and give up Wi-Fi. The sacrifice doesn't have to be that big. For instance, instead of giving up internet, why not get something cheaper? Broadband Choices provides information on some of the best internet deals. It is common knowledge that lowering these bills requires that you give up your hot showers and invest in a lot of green power gadgets, but before you jump to such adverse measures, there are some little things you can change around your home.

  • Insulate, Insulate, and Insulate Some More
We all know heat rises, and if your home has an attic, there is only one place this heat can go- out. Invest in some fiberglass insulation for your attic to prevent that heat from going all the way out and get a 20 percent reduction on your heating and cooling bills. Installing this insulation is not much of a hustle, and after it is up, the pressure on your thermostat will be reduced, and instead of manufacturing new heat every 10 minutes, your home will be continuously warm due to retained heat.

Insulation also applies to other outlets and switches around your house. There are insulations made specially for switches to prevent air leaks, so get them from a hardware store and save money on your bills.

I have been following this store BoGypsea on Etsy for a while now, and to be honest, I am very impressed with the creativity of this store owner. All her items are one of a kind, handmade with such detail in each of her products.

What you can find in her shop are:

  • Pendant
  • Painting
  • Air Plant Kit
  • Wall hanging art piece

Pictures belong to BoGypysea store owner

They are all beautifully designed! Valentine is near, and this shop would be a good place to stop for a visit.

There are so many wonderful artists out there, and on Etsy, including some photographers that I knew through time. Save a few minutes to stop by and let me know what you think. Registered & Protected

The year sets off with lots of indecisiveness for most investors. With UK's ongoing Brexit negotiations and US change of presidency, uncertainty hovers on both local and global markets. The Gold market, for example, rallied the previous year sharply until the start of Brexit negotiations. Similarly, the price of crude oil doubled after a pretty difficult period. As such, investors are likely to lean towards defensive stocks to avoid risk. Next is a look at how best to invest money in 2017.

The stock Market

Despite the volatility of the stock market, it remains a favourable venture in 2017. Given the trend presented by bonds to stock ratio, investors should consider putting their monies in the stock market with a keen interest in the biotechnology sector. The industry did pretty well in the previous year, and its performance has been on the rise for the last five years. Financial experts predict huge profits in biotech stocks if the market becomes bullish in 2017. However, investors who are sceptical about buying biotech stocks should consider venturing in financial alternatives. With higher interest rates, the financial market is likely to breakout from the secular downtrend this year.

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