Five Reasons You Should Try With Used Tea Bags

Tea! I love tea. I drink hot tea in the winter, and I drink cold tea in the summer. Green tea is good, and so is herbal tea. I have many different kinds, such as chamomile, mint, lemon zest, ginseng tea, ginger, sleepy time, and gray Earl. Depend on my mood of the day; I will have a cup just to keep me warm and calm.

These teas come in bag, and usually after I made at least two cups out of them, I would save them for these purposes:

1) Put them in the compost pile or in the garden to give it a boost of nutrients
2) You can use tea bags to put over your eyes to bring down the puffiness if you need to do so
3) Apply used tea bags on razor burn to soothe the burning sensation
4) Let the used tea bags dried and put them in the cat litter box to remove odor
5) Used tea bag on swollen gum to ease the pain

The first two are my most common things for used tea bags that I exercise more often. I love to know more, so if you have any suggestion for me to add to my list of usage, it would be very helpful to have. Registered & Protected