How To Taking Care Of Window and Microsoft Nuisances

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For the last month and a half are so, my laptop kept getting pop up saying it that: this version of Window is not genuine and Microsoft Word needs to be activated! It took away my own wallpaper, and I can't reset it! Those these are just nuisances, it got me very annoyed.

I mentioned to Amanda, and she searched the web, then sent me the link. I read, I watched, and I followed to the tee, but what they wanted to remove, was not on my computer.

Needless to say, knowing that other people were having the same problems, giving me hope! Thus, I searched further and lo and behold, I found a shorter, easier, and less complicated process on how to fix it.

How To Fix "This Window Version Is Not Genuine"

I paused at every step and did exactly what was shown! It worked! I am elated, disbelieved, and in awe!

I took a short break by watering the plants, and thought, there has to be an answer for the other nuisance about Microsoft Word. Obviously, there was a way to fix it!

How To Fix "This Copy of Microsoft Office Is Not Activated"

Again, it worked! The process is so much simpler and shorter than other tutorials in these two videos.

If you ever run into these problems, follow the direction in these two videos on YouTube and free yourself from nuisances! Registered & Protected