How To Take Care of Window Nuisances

In my previous post, I wrote that the nuisances were fixed for Window "This Copy of Window is not genuine, Build 7600" etc. Well, the Microsoft is fixed, but the problem with Window kept coming back with the dead black screen and the annoying notifications every 30 minutes.

Keep Trying; Don't Give Up

I tried my best to ignore it, work through it, and even accept it but it didn't take long before I went searching on YouTube. I love YouTube, did I mention it times and times again?

Everyday, I devote at least 30 minutes in trying a new "how to"! Pain-takenly follows step by step to the tee, watching one video after another, and reading comment and shut down, restart! Restart! Restart! Nothing works.

The command "slmgr /rearm" had reached its limit, and I can't no longer use it to over-ride the error.

Take a Break

I gave up the idea of fixing this problem for over two weeks so that my frustrations had time to disappear and start out fresh.

And by the grace of God, I found the solution two days ago. I watched the video many times, and read through the comments! I truly highly recommend reading the comments.

Read the Comments

I will tell you why! If I didn't read the comment, I would have given up, because my FIRST TRY didn't work!

Since I did read one comment about Restart, and re-enter all the commands, IT WORKS!

Save This Life-Saver Link

Here is a step by step life-saver link:

The author has a YouTube video too, but it is not as easy to follow as the link above.

If you ever encounter a problem like I do; I hope my post will help you to solve it quicker and save you from headache! Registered & Protected