December 28th, 2020 my brother passed away early in the morning (7:05 am) after a long battle with Covid-19. Though my heart is broken but I felt relived because he was finally free from all the tubes and no longer in pain.

He was left in care of doctors and nurses, fighting the virus alone without family members around. The hospital HCA Houston Healthcare Northwest neglected and mistreated him so badly, and that pushed him to his dead. They left a contaminated IV in him, causing infection, pneumonia, and a load of other problems, plus a bed sore stage 3. Moving him to another hospital the day after they did a tracheotomy surgery, contributing to his heart stopped for 4 minutes. 

Covid-19 not only takes lives, but it is also the number 1 excuses for everything; including this HCA hospital for negligent, horrible care and inhumane! They supposed to be in the service of saving lives, but they failed miserably! 

My brother was just one of their victims.

I will never see my brother again on this earth, and will never forget him in my heart.


I am wrapping up this year with a grateful heart first and foremost. 

Lots of bad things happen, and continue to happen, not only to world, but to my family members. There is nothing anyone can do, except for doing the best of one's ability.

I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful New Year..

cauliflower salad 1.JPG                 I have seen people using cauliflower for so many different things, and I am quite intrigued with the ideas of playing with it. Since vegans and vegetarians are getting so strong with healthy living, the price of cauliflower haven't dropped in my part of the world. It costs up to five dollars a head.

However, I found an easy recipe to try, so I must try.
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